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Who makes Squeebles?

Squeebles are a project of FiberGirl Designs in the San Francisco Bay Area, a design studio focusing on creating unique upcycled objects.

Rachael with Kevin.jpg

Rachael Staudt

Head Squeeble

Rachael founded Project Squeeble in 2017 to combine her love for creating monsters with her desire to create an environmentally-friendly, worker-friendly business. She has had previous stints in life as a data analyst and strives to integrate her creative, analytical and business selves into one.

Lydia with Squeeble.JPG

Lydia Sannella

Squeeble Adoptions

Lydia joined Project Squeeble in 2018. She helps get Squeebles out in the world where you can see them and adopt them, and also helps them get their faces sorted out!

Mom Dragon.jpg

Diane Lockett


Diane has been Rachael's artistic and life mentor for many years. Her background in the fashion industry helped Rachael learn the ins and outs of the dark arts of fabric and sewing.