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Project Squeeble makes unique, handcrafted, stuffed monsters out of upcycled and fibershed materials.


New Product: The Benatar!!

The Benatar Crossbody Bandolier is made from upcycled felt and notions by makers in California. She's new and is itching to carry your phone for you. Best of all, she promises not to read your text messages, even if you give her your passcode. You can find her here.


Squeeble of the Month: Andrew!

Andrew likes peeled bananas & Fellini films, and he’s ready to find his forever home.

Find him in our Store here.


Andrew just discovered on YouTube that monkeys peel bananas from the bottom, and he’s not really sure how to feel about it. Andrew is one of our Desk Buddies--he’s the perfect size for hanging out at the office and is able to entertain himself for hours as you work.

Andrew is made from upcycled textiles and stuffed with climate-beneficial wool. 

Find him in our Store here.


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